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Himalayan Salt Crystals


Himalayan Salt Crystals


Enjoy the relaxing and detoxifying effects of Himalayan Salt Crystals and its many health properties. It balances and grounds the body’s electromagnetic and auric fields and creates a feeling of wellbeing.  Read below to see how we use it!

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USES & BENEFITS of Himalayan Salt Crystals

  • 100% Natural Himalayan Salt Crystals
  • Add flavour and minerals to food
  • Add our salt to your baths for a therapeutic and healing experience.
  • Reduces healing time for wounds

The most popular use of Himalayan Salt Crystals is when used in a salt bath, many people use it to reduce healing time on their wounds, to relax and to salt their meals. This is a natural product therefore it has many benefits for you to enjoy, however when using a product for the first time you should note how your body reacts. Above all, we do not recommend using this product directly on open wounds.

Take a look at our blog on Himalayan Salt and how you can use it in your baths for the ultimate relaxing experience. You can also find a free bath salt recipe in the post, click HERE. If you are having trouble deciding on what essential oil you should include in your salt bath, take a look at our blog post on essential oils, here.

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