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Natural Epsom Salts


Natural Epsom Salts


Natural Epsom Salts can extract harmful toxins from the body and allow healing properties to enter, such as magnesium and sulfates. Detox Salt baths including Natural Epsom Salts are perfect for relaxing tired muscles and to absorb its healing properties.

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Bathing in Natural Epsom Salts [for at least 15 minutes] is an effective way to give your body a good detox. Salt baths are one of the most effective means of detoxing your body and Natural Epsom salt baths are an effective means of making the magnesium your body needs readily available too!

Natural Epsom Salt is great to ease muscle pain and to fade bruises – so add two cups of Epsom Salt and 2-3 drops of your favourite essential oil to a warm bath. You can find a list of our favourite essential oils and reasons we love them by clicking HERE.

Best used with other natural salts and essential oils.

You can find our free detox bath recipe using Natural Epsom salt and other natural salts on our blog. Let us know if you try our recipe. Tell us about your experience via email, and in the comments on the post or on our social media, we have our links tagged below because we want to connect with you!


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